assurance 2015
Anti – Fraud Measures:
Enterprise Risk Management
– Mitigation through Fraud Prevention
Friday, 11th December 2015
Rooftop, Hotel Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai

Nowadays mankind goes through rapid development of automatization, informatization and computerization of all life spheres. Besides the fact that crimes committed under using brand new technologies cause great economic losses, society becomes more dependent on automated system work in different life spheres - beginning with administrating army, enterprises, organizations, institutions, planes and trains to medical services and national security. Sometimes even slight fault in functioning of such systems can lead to real danger for people's lives.

Rapid growth of global computer and telecommunication networks, also possibility for connecting it to ordinary phone lines increase their possible usage for criminal activity. No doubt, technically developed countries mostly suffer from computer crimes, though there are now favorable conditions for committing such crimes in other countries with the beginning of computerization process. In particular, Internet global computer network gives a possibility for access to any world departmental computer system, including a military one.

Besides, it can be done from any place in the world. Computer crime is an international phenomenon; its level is closely connected with economic level of society development in different countries and regions. Less developed technically countries due to the activity of international law-enforcement organizations have an opportunity to use experience of more developed countries for preventing and detecting computer crimes. General tendencies, criminal means and preventive measures are similar in different countries in various time periods, they are based on united technical program and methodological base of these crimes.

Current research indicates that unpatched, unprotected computers that have been connected to the Internet are being compromised in 3 days or less. In such a harsh environment, even protected systems can become the victim of a successful attack - and we see evidence of this daily. To be effective, today's incident response personnel must be trained in a variety of operating systems, investigation techniques, incident response tactics, and even legal issues. At a time when the popularity of online banking slowly is gaining momentum, the report offered encouraging suggestions for overcoming a rise of fraud-related banking crimes. Federal Trade Commission statistics indicate identity theft victimized more than 10 million Americans last year, and cost businesses more than $47 billion.

Topics to be covered in the Forum
  • CyberCrime Scope and Magnitude.
  • Forensics - Our Readiness.
  • Operating Systems - Windows and Linux - How far are they secured?
  • Financial Frauds - Methodologies and Challenges.
  • Forensics - Detection Methodologies and Tools.(Data and Hardware)
  • Committing Crimes using Operating Systems