Assurance 2015: Anti – Fraud Measures: Enterprise Risk Management – Mitigation through Fraud Prevention
Friday 11th December 2015, Rooftop, Hotel Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai.
Assurance 2013: Anti Fraud Measures: Methodologies and Challenges
New Delhi, 19-20 December 2013
Cyber Assurance for Enterprises-Role of CxO’s
Trivandrum, 14th March 2008

Privacy & Security Issues for IT Applications

Mumbai, 31st March 2007

Business Assurance Summit
Kerala, 24th June 2006
New Delhi, 2nd June 2006

iSAC 2005
Secure or Perish
New Delhi, 20th-22nd July 2005

iSAC 2004
International Conference on Governance, iAssurance and Forensic
New Delhi, 21st -23rd July 2004

Infosec 2004
Information Security - Challenges and Emerging Issues.
Mumbai, 7th May 2004

Workshop on Business Assurance and Forensic
New Delhi, 11th-12th March 2004

Building eCustomer Confidence
Chennai, 29th August 2003

iSAC 2003
International Conference on Governance through iAssurance
New Delhi, 24th-26th July 2003

Seminar Series on e-Payments & Cyberlaws
Mumbai November 2001
New Delhi
19th January 2002
Kolkata 4th February 2002
20th February 2002

Smart Card Tech 2001

New Delhi, 26th-28th July 2001