Assurance 2013
Anti – Fraud measures:
Methodologies and Challenges
19-20 December 2013
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Building eCustomer Confidence
Inauguration - International Conference
Launch of the South India Regional Council by Dr. K. Subramanian, President, eISSA.
Welcome Address by Mr. T. Theethan, Chairman, South India Regional Council, eISSA.
Inauguration of Conference by Hon'ble Mr. Subhashan Reddy, Chief Justice of Tamil Naidu.

Presentation of Honorary Fellowship of eISSA by Hon'ble Mr. Subhashan Reddy, Chief Justice of Tamil Naidu to Dr. S. Ramani, Director, Hp Labs India, Bangalore. Fellowship Address by Dr. S. Ramani, Director, Hp Labs India , Bangalore .

Governance Session
  • Prof. Kanagaraj, Chairman, Jaya Education Trust, Chennai.
    Topic : eGovernance in Education.
  • Mr. Bimal Bhavanani, Managing Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Chennai.
    Topic : Enterprise Governance.
  • Mr. Alok Roy, Managing Director, Family Health Plan, Apollo Group, Chennai.
    Topic : eGovernance in Health Care.
  • Mr. K. Srinivasan, Founder and Managing Trustee, Prime Point Foundation, Chennai.
    Topic : eGovernance on Public Relations & Media.
  • Mr. D.S.K. Rao, Principal Consultant, Thrinaina Informatics Limited, Secunderabad.
    Topic : eGovernance for Regional Transport offices.
IT in Government
  • Dr. V. Prithiviraj, Director - IT, Directorate of Information Technology, Government of Pondicherry.
    Topic : eGovernance - Master Plan for Pondicherry.
  • Mr. A. Mohan, Deputy Director General, NIC, Chennai.
    Topic : Initiatives of National Informatics Centre.
  • Mr. S. Swaminathan, Executive Director, Pentasoft Technologies Limited, Chennai.
    Topic : Outsourcing eGovernment Applications.
  • Mr. G. Kalyan Kumar, Executive Director, bRisk Corporate Services Private Limited, Chennai.
    Topic :Innovative Audit in the Public Sector.
  • Dr. K. P. Anand, IA & AS, Deputy Accountant General, Chennai.
    Topic : ICES Online Audit.
  • Mr. H. R. Mohan, Chief Systems Manager, The Hindu, Chennai.
    Topic : Evaluating information sources on the net.
  • Mr. Nishith Seth, Partner, S. K. Seth & Co., Chartered Accountants, New Delhi .
    Topic : Assurance in Financial Sector.
  • Mr. R. Subburaj, Senior Director, Centre for Reliability, STQC Directorate, Chennai.
    Topic : Building Data Integrity through Standard C++.
  • Mr. Brahma Reddy, Chief Technology Officer, Dishnet DSL Limited, Chennai.
    Topic : iAssurance from ISPs.
Digital Security
  • Dr. K. Subramanian, IT Advisor to C&AG of India , DDG, NIC, New Delhi .
    Topic : Creating eTrust and Confidence beyond Digital Signatures.
  • Mr. Na. Vijaya Shanker, Director, Cyber Law College, Cyber Law Solutions Limited, Chennai
    Topic : Topic: Techno legal security of Information Assets.
  • Mr. G. Kumar, Assistant Vice President, Lasersoft Info Systems Limited, Chennai
    Topic : Digital Security - Preventive Control.
  • Mr. Uday Kumar, Senior Software Engineer, IBM, Bangalore .
    Topic : Digital Security - Issues and Challenges.
  • Dr. V. K. Kanhere, V. K. Kanhere & Co., Chartered Accountants, Mumbai.
    Topic : Computer Forensic.
  • Mr. Mohd. Yoosuf, Director, eBusiness Projects, Head - Digital Security Practices, Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Limited, Chennai.
    Topic : Recent trends on IT Security.
  • Mr. Karunakaran, Project Director - Incharge, Sameer - Centre for Electromagnetic, Department of Electronics, Government of India , Chennai.
  • Topic : Digital Signatures Security - Requirements and Solutions.
Valedictory Session
  • Valedictory Address by Mr. N. Vittal, Former Central Vigilance Commissioner, Government of India.
  • Vote of Thanks by Mr. G. Kalyan Kumar, Secretary, SIRC, eISSA.