Assurance 2013
Anti – Fraud measures:
Methodologies and Challenges
19-20 December 2013
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Presentation Material
Name Topics
Mr. T. S. Krishnan Microsoft Initiative on Smart Executive
Mr. Daniel Lim Silcon & Security Issues
Mr. Mehrded Tosif Technology Issues in managing EMU Compliance
C. S. Bala Krishnan Social Sector (Transport, Commnuication, Pension, Loyality, Healtcare) Applications
Dr. K. Subramanian ePayments, eFinance and eCommerce Sector
Mr. P. K. Goyal Smart Cards - Case Study of Indian Railways
Mr. S. Ramesh Petro Cards - Case Study
Mr. B. N. Som Post Office Savings Bank - Smart Card Initiatives
Mr. Pawan Duggal Laws for e-Commerce and e-Citizen Services