Assurance 2013
Anti – Fraud measures:
Methodologies and Challenges
19-20 December 2013
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Workshop on Business Assurance and Forensic.
11-12 March 2004, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

“The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it." Mark Weiser.

ICTs have transformed information and knowledge as the most critical factors in the creation of wealth and the generation of employment, in business transactions and in political decision-making processes. People need to articulate and communicate their needs, wishes, fears and anxieties to those in key positions of governance. Citizens are demanding quality services and systems of delivery that are convenient and efficient. They also want to participate---or consulted---in the decisions relevant to the creation and the delivery of the services. They would like to be assured that those in positions of governance and service delivery are sufficiently aware of the needs of the people, and are thus responsive and accountable.

The workshop shall cover the following areas in depth :
  • Introduction to Business Assurance and Methodologies
    There is no ONE best method to carry on any business. Yet, there is a sense of a continuum between good and bad corporate governance.
  • Building a Comprehensive IT Risk Assessment Program.
    Every organization builds or carries on processes that when quantified and automated bring with it a certain clarity to all transactions. This clarity however does not necessarily mean transparency, as there is thin line between the two.
  • Integrating IT Security Architecture
    Managing Information systems makes it very imperative to allow for a certain amount of security that is built within the system. As any critical issue when made very transparent has also to deal with features of security.
  • Fraud – A Practical Guide.
    The theme of this workshop is on corporate frauds, which is very timely. We are just witnessing the explosion of Enron as an enterprise, which built a dazzling track record in the last 17 years and is now collapsing in a welter of scams. The entire issue is being investigated in the United States and we do not know what all will come out as a result of this investigation.
  • Security Policy and It’s Importance
    Security been a major concern for the organisations, having a standardised policy on the system security is one of the important solution for the same. Under this session we shall deliberate on the issues to be taken care while drafting effective security policy.
Why Attend
  1. Hear from National and International Industry leaders about the strategies for enterprise security and controls.
  2. Share information and leverage the experience of successful programs.
  3. Meet experts from the Industry, Government and Academia.
You will learn how to
  • Develop effective governance, security and forensic controlled environment.
  • Develop effective security system certification and accreditation programs.
  • Meet security requirements given evolving information assurance policies and standards.
  • Plan for comprehensive risk assessment.
  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities.
  • Select and implement emerging technologies in Forensic Audit and Control.
  1. Mr. G. Kali Prasad, Director, Risk and Business Solutions, Ernst & Young, New Delhi.
  2. Mr. Bimal Bhavanani, Associate Director, Information Risk Management, KPMG, Mumbai.
  3. Dr. K. Subramanian, IT Advisor to Comptroller & Auditor General of India, DDG, NIC, New Delhi.
  4. Mr. Amarjit Chopra, Member, Central Council, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi.
  5. Mr. S. Chandran, Business Solutions, PricewaterhouseCoopers, New Delhi.
  6. Mr. Inderjit Labana, CEO, HandsOn Technology & Engineering Private Limited, Gurgoan.
  7. Mr. Nishith Seth, Senior Partner, S. K. Seth & Co., Chartered Accountants, New Delhi.
  8. Mr. R. Devarajan, Practice Manager – Information Security, Hp Services, Chennai.
  9. Mr. Ashish Tandon, CEO, eComEnable, Baroda.
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