Anti – Fraud Measures: Methodologies and Challenges

19th and 20th December 2013, Silver Oak, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Mankind goes through rapid development of automatization, informatization and computerization of all life spheres. Besides the fact that crimes committed under using brand new technologies cause great economic losses, society becomes more dependent on automated system work in different life spheres - beginning with administrating army, enterprises, organizations, institutions, planes and trains to medical services and national security. Sometimes even slight fault in functioning of such systems can lead to real danger for people's lives.
The importance of gaining and maintaining public trust in the capacity to protect taxpayers' money from fraudsters cannot be overstated, particularly in the present context of budgetary stringency. Public concern about the protection of the financial interests by providing for the principle of effective and equivalent protection across the Institutions, Bodies, Offices and agencies. The concept of the protection of the financial interests covers the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and can extend also to measures to address other serious irregularities.

19th December 2013: Workshop Sessions   -  Session Details

Cyber forensics requirements engineering.
Cyber forensics tools and technologies including demo and cases.
Risk Analytics and Fraud Detection Methodologies.

20th December 2013: Conference Sessions   -  Session Details

Predictive Modeling: New way to make effective monitoring and controls.
Whistle blowing technique: How to implement?
Digital Forensic: Case Study.
Managing Data: Case Study.
Power Panel: Industry Challenges – Fraud & Volatility: Impact on Education

Speaker Feedback

“This event was very well organised. Efforts of the organising team much appreciated. The quality of sessions and speakers were apt to the theme of the event and audience quite attentive and interactive. Look forward to speaking again.” - Mr. Alok Gupta, Founder & Managing Director, Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic (P) Ltd.



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